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The Website Creation Workshop is a Live Online Training and Coaching Program with Christina Hills, where she takes students through the process of creating their own websites in WordPress without a webmaster. The program is delivered via online training audios, videos, and PDF handouts with live webinars and teleseminar sessions.

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“Christina Hills is a breath of fresh air and such a lovely gal to partner with.”

lisa-sasevich“I’m always impressed with how she shows up in service and I know I can count on her to bring her A-game each and every time we partner together. I love seeing her at the top of my leaderboard and would highly recommend her as a JV partner in a flash.” Lisa Sasevich

“You will love promoting the Website Creation Workshop”

christine-kloserThis is Christine Kloser, the Transformation Catalyst. I love promoting Christina Hills’ Website Creation Workshop program because I know that she is going to love and care for my people. Her program is very complete and actionable by helping my authors get their websites built in WordPress. She is my goto gal when it comes to teaching people WordPress in a very easy to understand way. And the best part is that I love getting checks every month from Christina! You will love promoting the Website Creation Workshop. Christine Kloser

“…she has one of the best affiliate programs available!”

kathleengageThis is Kathleen Gage–“The Street Smarts Marketer”. I have been working with Christina Hills for quite some time as an affiliate and I have to say, she has one of the best affiliate programs available! She’s very much with integrity in the way she pays. She pays on time and she is just a delight to work with. If you are looking for great programs to market and become an affiliate of, I would highly recommend Christina Hill’s programs. Kathleen

“… my list absolutely loves what Christina does and they eat it up!”

jamesrocheHi, this is James Roche of I just wanted to give a shout out to Christina Hills. I’ve really enjoyed being an affiliate of Christina’s. In fact, it’s been one of the most profitable affiliate relationships I have. And not only just because her programs are extremely good and popular, but also just because Christina is so easy to work with, and she’s so thorough in supporting me as an affiliate. If you’re interested in adding on a big chunk of money, we’re talking into the thousands, to promote her Website Creation Workshop or anything else that Christina does, I highly recommend it. She’s a joy to work with, and her offerings are very popular, I know on my front, my list absolutely loves what Christina does and they eat it up. Which is always a good thing. I highly recommend Christina Hills as joining onto her affiliate program, and going out there and promoting her. James Roche

“So I encourage you, become an affiliate for Christina Hills.”

connieragengreenMy name is Connie Regan Green, I started out on the Internet in 2005, and by 2006, I realized that affiliate marketing was going to be a big part of how I made my income. So I looked for people that I could be an affiliate for that would pay me promptly and make the whole process completely smooth and worry free. Christina Hills was the person that I found! She pays her affiliate commissions monthly. Everything has worked out perfectly! She’ll even call you if there’s a question or she needs more information. I love the process. I’ve been promoting her now—this is my third year. I’m so excited about doing this! My website is So I encourage you, become an affiliate for Christina Hills. She knows everything there is to know about this process, and she will make it easy for you to make money. Connie Green

“Christina Hills is an absolute joy to JV with.”

 width=Christina Hills is an absolute joy to JV with. She is smart, easy to work with, has super high integrity and last but certainly not least we always make money together. Daniel Hall


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