Website Creation Workshop

The Website Creation Workshop is a Live Online Training and Coaching Program with me, Christina Hills, where I take students through the process of creating their own websites in WordPress without a webmaster. The program is delivered via online training audios, videos, and PDF handouts with live webinar sessions.

Who is it For?

The Website Creation Workshop is designed specifically for people who are busy building their business, are slightly technophobic, and would probably get a bit intimidated at the sight of WordPress code. It’s great for coaches, consultants, authors, speakers, healers, and all spiritually oriented entrepreneurs. The program empowers students to come out of it with a beautiful website that they have built themselves!

Here’s what they Get

10 modules and 16 weeks of live coaching webinars and 2 interactive Facebook groups. All explained on the enrollment/sales page.

Why You Want to Promote This Program…

This complements your existing business, and you can make money with me when you promote my upcoming Website Creation Workshop and help YOUR people get their websites built. Plus, when your clients have EFFECTIVE websites, they will feel confident, attract more clients, make more sales, and become one of your Success Stories.

Each Student Gets a New, Ready-to-Use WordPress “Student Project” Website as Soon As They Register.

What makes this program different from other WordPress training programs, is that each person in the program gets a test WordPress site, to work in and develop their website. It gets them over the hurdle of “must know WordPress to Learn WordPress”. It’s hidden from the search engines so that you can play around and test out their ideas privately. They cannot make a mistake with it, as if they mess it up, we will fix it. They get this for 12 months.

Price and Commissions:

The price of the program is $1,547 (we have a payment plan too). (Note: we reserve the right to change the cost of the program up until the doors open for sale) The commission is 20% for 1 or 2 sales and 30% for 3 or more (note that we have a big “done for you” part of our program)  Additional Bonus Prizes depending upon the # of sales you make.

Prize information Coming Soon


Conversion Rates:

Your audience is HUNGRY for what we have to offer! Here are some stats on our most recent launch for opt-in and conversion rates:

Promo Content opt-in rate: 75%
Webinar opt-in rate: 87%
Webinar attendance rate: 38%
Sales webinar conversion rate: 8%

Top partners earn an average of $2.78 per click.

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