jv calendar spring 2023

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Dates: April 3rd – April 19th 2023

JV Partner Pre-Launch Call March 29th at 10 am Pacific

PLC #1: “Essential Pages” Checklist
April 3 – 5

Immediate PDF download then PLC 1 delivered Live on April 5th @ 1pm Pacific

PLC #2: “The Non-Techie’s Roadmap to Website Success”
April 6 – 8

Immediate PDF download then PLC 2 delivered Live on April 8th @ 9am Pacific

Masterclass Webinar Promo “Easily Create Your Website in WordPress Even if You Hate Technology”
April 9 – 13

Mail for the Masterclasses through April 13
(Sales will happen during these live events)
Masterclass Webinar
April 11
Live webinar Tuesday 1pm Pacific

Masterclass Webinar
April 12
Live webinar Wednesday 1pm Pacific

Masterclass Webinar
April 13
Live Webinar Thursday 12pm Pacific

Cart Open
April 14
Announcing that the doors are officially open to purchase the Website Creation Workshop.

“Method” Webinar Promo
April 16 – 18

Mail for “The Method” Webinar through April 18th
Final Webinar – “The Method” Webinar
April 18
Live “Method” Webinar delivered live on April 18th 1pm Pacific

Cart Close
April 19
Doors to WCW close midnight Pacific on April 19

Course Starts
April 21
Orientation call for new students